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Blog: Pass the Baton


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Negotiating Like A Boss


1. Ask a white man how much he'd ask for in that role if he were you.

2. Do not tell him how much you make now; it will prejudice his answer.

3. Check 990s (tax docs) for salaries of highest paid leaders in non-profits.

4. If the current person in the job you want is a woman of color, she was underpaid.

5. Add a 10% increase from the previous year just on GP.

6. Then add a roughly 66% increase to that. Black women are paid roughly $.60 for every $1.00 a white man makes for the same job.  That's your number.

7. Fear might make you talk yourself down to a lower number. Don't.

8. Ask yourself: What Would A White Man Do?

9. He would assume he deserved to make as much as anyone else. You do too.

10. The average black family needs 228 years to catch up to the networth of the average white family.

11. You will never catch up in your lifetime.

12. But you can run your leg of this race as fast as you can. 

13. Write the number down.

14. Practice saying it aloud.

15. Practice saying to your boss, "Studies show that people do not like it when women ask for a raise/more money. I hope you understand why I need to do it anyway." 

16. Run your leg of this race as fast as you can. And then pass the baton.